Creating growth strategy is a creative process.

We bring big ideas and small egos. We hear what clients say as well as what they mean. We anticipate the cracks before anything falls  through. 

We are adept at managing many, often competing, points of view. We deliver the right messaging through your clients' own stories. We bring deep experience filming clinical detail and expertise in healthcare claims and restrictions. We maintain a sense of humor, even when it's no longer funny.


Randy Field
Principal/Creative Director

Randy has designed and directed live action and EFX projects all over the world. Whether dramatic, documentary or comedic,  his style is uniquely personal.   From cath labs in Boston to green screens at Lucasfilm, to villages in Uganda,   his commercial/corporate videos  powerfully deliver the core message.

Clients: Philips Healthcare, Apple, Google, Cisco, Visa, Intel, GE Healthcare, Sanofi Aventis, HP, Microsoft, Disney, Sun Microsystems, IBM, Seagate, NEC, NTT, Sega, AT&T, GM, Chrysler, Sony, NBC, Levi Strauss, Motorola, and Mercedes Benz.  Commercial clients have also included McDonalds, Chevron, Disneyworld, Proctor and Gamble, Colgate Palmolive.


Anne Sandkuhler

Anne has vast experience, producing network
shows, corporate videos, commercials, radio and photography. As a senior line producer, she is responsible for budgeting, all pre-production, production and post including negotiating contracts with celebrities, corporate officers, doctors and real people. Anne’s “people” skills are extraordinary whether she is in a boardroom or a living room. Her documentary work includes shows for HBO, ESPN and the History Channel. She won an Emmy award for an NBC episode of “the West Wing”. She was the executive producer for March First – CKS Pictures, an innovative integrated branding and internet advertising company. 

Clients include or have included: Apple, Chevron, GM, Sun Microsystems, Philips Healthcare, HBO, ESPN and the History Channel.


Diane Moe

Fiercely strategic and wickedly conceptual, Diane has developed brand strategy, launched products and created a ruckus with advertising and varied communications for many San Francisco ad agencies and clients.

Clients: Kaiser Permanente, Philips Healthcare, Varian Medical Systems, LifeScan (OneTouch diabetes products), Animas Corp., UC Davis Medical Group, Mercy Hospital, St. Helena Hospital, Otis Med and Xologel.


Jane Hall

Former executive producer, Jane works with our team and clients in an advisory capacity. Her eyes and ears provide another dimension to the development of story, voice, brand, and process for every project.

Her many Fortune 500 clients include Apple, Philips Healthcare, GE Healthcare, IDEXX, HP and NEC.


Bob Krinsky
Messaging Strategist

The Krinsky Company - Bob works at the intersection of growth strategy and innovation. His messaging strategy practice in partnership with Tomorrow Media has yielded global strategy tour films for CEO's at Philips Healthcare and Quest Diagnostics. Within his strategic innovation practice, Bob has led initiatives for Intuit, Hewlett Packard, Motorola, Proctor & Gamble, Avery-Dennison, US WEST, Nokia, Schott Glas, and Kodak Motion Picture Group.