What our clients are saying.


“ Understanding the balance of marketing the message while entertaining the audience, Randy Field and the Tomorrow Media team are an important part of my tool box. And they are just fun to work with.”

Yaniv Katin
Senior Manager, Creative Group, Cisco Systems

“Tomorrow Media is one of those rare companies that can both tell great brand building stories and manage complex projects at the same time. Plus, working with Randy Field and the rest of the Tomorrow Media team is always a pleasure.”

Glenn Kesner
Auracana.tv (consultant for Philips Health care)


“ By narratively telling a fresh new story and visually reinventing how we are seen, The Krinsky Company/Tomorrow Media helped us in our rebranding the company.”

Kristin Givone
Director of Channel Marketing, Quest Diagnostics

“I sat in the North America marketing meeting today and there was a standing ovation for the brand video.  One of the 20+ guys said this reminded him why he works for Philips.”

Frank McGillin
Former Head of Marketing Communications, Philips Healthcare

"Working with Randy is an absolute pleasure. We were producing a series of health care videos. The videos required a deft directorial touch, and he absolutely delivered. His casting instincts were spot on. The production value was excellent. And he was able to elicit subtle, believable performances. Everyone was thrilled with the final results. Best of all, he kept us laughing all along the way.”

Marcie Judelson
Associate Creative Director

“In all my years, the best communications tool I have ever seen.”

Philips HealthcareMarketing VP - Philips Healthcare brand video

“Our client (Genentech) is so thrilled with this video. Her HCP Committee just kept saying how this is going to change the way they’re talking to doctors, and it is just the best thing ever. Thank you so much for making this beautiful! Very very much appreciated!”

Stephanie Levell
Account Superviso - EVEO

“ I’m just so pleased with the outcome. This has been one of the more satisfying projects with which I’ve been involved in recent, and not so recent, memory. You are a wonderful team to work with and the work speaks for itself, beautifully and elegantly..”

David Eaton
Head of Pet Owner Marketing and Education, IDEXX Laboratories

“I’ve worked with Randy Field, Jane Hall and the entire Tomorrow Media team and been extremely impressed with every aspect of our collaboration, from idea generation, and customer interactions, to filming, and editing. They are creative in the service of producing results.  They bring great expertise and deep experience to every project.”

David Freeman
Former General Manager, Parameters Segment, Medical Devices, & Former Chief Marketing Officer, Monitoring Solutions, Medical Devices, GE Healthcare