Everything Old is New Again


Apple Computer, The Knowledge Navigator 1987

The film was produced for John Sculley, who initially screened it at Educom, an educational event.  It immediately become an international sensation, spawning numerous clones from HP and Microsoft, among others.  Sculley spent the next two years always carrying a VHS copy in his briefcase. 

Shot in 1 long day on location in San Francisco

Filmed in 35mm and utilized the first generation of the Quantel Paintbox for the screens.

Unlike the simplicity of compositing video today, each screen took HOURS to composite into the model.

Video was completed in 3 weeks.

Inspired by the work of the Xerox Park team in the 1970’s, who envisioned the first graphic user interface for the personal computer.

For years, rumours persisted it was produced by George Lucas.  Not so.  Although, I was a commercial director for Lucasfilm in 1988 (a coincidence), the project was produced by the Kenwood Group, a division of One Pass Film and Video.  I was the principal creative there at the time, and directed the film.

The mother's phone message at the end was based on real life events, magnified by the director’s jewish guilt.