Don’t fear the Case Study…or how I learned to stop worrying and produce fabulous stories.


“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but the stories you tell” - Seth Godin,.

And there is nothing more powerful or more moving than a REAL story told well.
Easier said than done.  What most  companies and their agency vendors usually miss is how to find the right person, prep WITH them and then produce that powerful story.

Just like casting a dramatic piece, find the very best person or people for your case study video . Sounds obvious, but usually it ain't.  Remember.  A story is only as good as its actors.

Research more than one possible story with different people who have lived it.

Prior to filming, interview the finalist on the phone.

If they are already uncomfortable on the phone, there is little chance of success on the shoot.

Transcribe the phone interviews and use them to prepare both the questions for filming.  It also helps your or your director’s familiarity with the subject.

Here is the hardest part and its more magic than mechanical.

The person on camera has to be presented as human in front of the camera, not just a vessel for features and benefits.. Who IS this person?  Why do we CARE about them?

Here is one of my favorite techniques. Use an Eye Direct or something similar so the person looks directly into the camera.  Essentially, it’s a box with two mirrors positioned in front of the camera.  It allows the interviewee to look directly into the lens and see the interviewer. That 20 degree difference in eye line makes the viewer go from observer to participant.  Major point!

Don’t have the director and the person in front of the camera just stick to the scripted questions.  Go off topic.  Talk about personal stuff.  Once your interviewee being filmed is more relaxed, you can ask needed questions or ask the same questions again.   It makes them more comfortable..translation…more believable = more REAL.

There is obviously a lot more involved.  A story worth telling needs to be from the heart, not the hardware…..