HELPFUL HINTS…or how I did not read this and continued to blame others in an arbitrary and unfair manner for yet another bland video.



“Helpful Hints” about anything sounds misguided and condescending. Times that by 2 when it comes to launching a video for your company. Remember the guiding rule “Always certain, rarely correct.

But here goes…

Before you commit to a video campaign, decide what the five most important things you want to communicate are, then throw out four of them. Simple is always best.

Never trust a creative pitch that leads with “intense CGI and a driving soundtrack sets up the story…”  Wrong.  The story sets up the story. 

Your drinking water must be safe.  Your child’s car seat must be safe.  But safe content is a waste of your budget.  Safe is the dessert that comes with the dinner. It’s tapioca pudding.  Nobody wants tapioca pudding.

A great idea must be explained in three sentences or less.

The person you assign to supervise the production group, must have the confidence to make decisions.  Sounds obvious, but it ain’t.

Video is not expanded Powerpoint.  Video is emotion.

Hire creative people smarter than you.  The end result will be better.  You will end up taking credit for their success anyway.

Spend the creative energy and time (if not budget) to produce quality content for your own people, not just your clients.  Your employees make the company work. They deserve and appreciate it.

Everybody wants to do viral.  Everybody wants to win the lottery.  It’s about the same odds.  Don’t worry about viral.  Good, well-crafted creative tends to find its way to the light.

Hire production groups you enjoy spending time with, whether it’s email, a weekly Skype call or 3 days on location.  You may think your job is on the line, but this should still be fun.  Laugh and make sure the people you hire make you laugh. Life is too short.